Research at the CED

The WVU CED stimulates and promotes interdisciplinary research where scientists, practitioners, and people with disabilities work together to tackle disability-related issues relevant to West Virginia. One of the key objectives of the WVU CED is to improve the lives of West Virginians of all ages with disabilities by supporting diverse, inclusive communities. Our research aligns with that mission and addresses the domains of employment, access to quality health care, health and wellness, and transitions.

Research Spotlight

Understanding the needs of persons with traumatic brain injury in West Virginia

Dr. Steven Wheeler and Dr. Amanda Acord-Vira are leading a team to conduct a needs assessment for persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their caregivers in West Virginia. TBI program manager Cortland Nesley and WVU occupational therapy doctoral student Megan Bruce (pictured) will provide a public update on the assessment in June 2024.

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Potential Participants and Interested Parties

This section provides information designed to help identify research opportunities pertaining to disabilities within WVU-at-large and conducted within the WVU CED specifically. Please review the resources in this section to see if you might be eligible to participate, want to share information with others, or get involved in other ways.

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List of WVU and CED Studies Focused on Disability

Protocol # Title Principal Investigator
1910762193 Providing supplemental resources to providers and at risk families. Lesley Cottrell
2002887909 Paths for Parents Nutrition Outcome Measures Saylem Marquis Depasquale
2006047257 Physical Activity Toolkit Facilitator Use Survey Lesley Anne Cottrell
2101216741 Emergent Online Clinical Learning Theory & Telehealth Pedagogies During COVID-19 Cassaundra Nicole Miller
2302729885 Navigating Medical Transitions into Adulthood Melina Danko
2304760141 Parental Factors Contributing to A Student's Successful Completion of the Country Roads Program Lesley Anne Cottrell
1904533886 Assessing provider and family perceptions of care coordination services in the first three years after childbirth Lesley Anne Cottrell
1907628491 West Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Needs Assessment Survey: Person with a TBI, Family Member, and Professional Amanda Acord-Vira
1911794801 Perspectives on Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Interventions: Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists in West Virginia Lesley Anne Cottrell
1911798674 Needs for Assistive Technology in West Virginia Survey Lesley Anne Cottrell
1912821467 Assessing WV IMPACT Partnerships Through Quantity, Type, and Strength Over Time Lesley Anne Cottrell
2003941525 Clinical Learning in Higher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Student Comparisons of In-person and Telehealth Teaching Paradigms Cassaundra Nicole Miller
2008098373 Developing and adapting an art therapy mask creation (ATMC) intervention for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) across select clinical and non-clinical settings Lesley Anne Cottrell
2104279888 Exploring variations in COVID-19 prevalence, service coordination, and outcomes for individuals with disabilities Lesley Anne Cottrell
2201501210 Assessing provider, family, and patient navigator perceptions of Patient Navigator Models of care Lesley Anne Cottrell
2209641642 The experience of caregiving for an individual with brain injury Amanda Acord-Vira
2311875845 West Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Needs Assessment Survey: Person with a TBI, Family Member, and Professional Amanda Acord-Vira
2103262578 Feeding Clinic Spring 2021 Formative Family Survey Cassaundra Nicole Miller
2105311255 Case Studies of Clients with Food Selectivity Susannah G Poe
2109429453 Country Roads Assessment Cassaundra Nicole Miller
2209647120 Supporting Individuals with TBI in Rural Communities: An Analysis of the "Funds for You" Program in West Virginia Steven Daniel Wheeler
2209647134 Feeding and Swallowing Intervention and Assessment in West Virginia Birth to Three: A Survey of Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology Practices Cassaundra Nicole Miller
2302728462 Returning to the classroom after concussion: An analysis of the "Get Schooled on Concussion" training program in WV Amanda Acord-Vira
2308842844 The prevalence of traumatic brain injury among people with substance use disorders Amanda Acord-Vira
2402931465 Voter's need of Assistive Technology Douglas Andrew Cumpston
2312888221 Pediatric Feeding Disorders Behaviors vs Oral Motor Function Cassaundra Nicole Miller
2102229201 Effects of Reinforcement -Based Intervention on Clients with Food Selectivity Susannah G Poe
2303735770 Analysis of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey data in WV Amanda Acord-Vira
2404953020 Adaptation of the Sibling Attitude Scale for Use in the United States Lesley Anne Cottrell
s21-01231 NIH RECOVER: A Multi-site Observational Study of Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Pediatric Populations Lesley Anne Cottrell